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The Four Leggeds

The Coton de Tulear of Cotonwind are our pets first!  They live in our home, with the family!
We also have three cats, Cleo, Mike, and Irma.  Cleo and Mike enjoy the dogs, (Irma doesn't understand our passion for dogs at all !)  We also share our home with our Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot named Larry.


   The Two Leggeds

I (Karen) have been involved with purebred dogs since 1978.  I am a magazine editor and freelance writer/editor
and work from home.  Working from home is wonderful as it allows me to spend my days caring for the dogs and their puppies.  My son Rob and daughter-in-law Tara, live close-by, and I am thrilled to have a new grand-daughter, born March 4, 2011.  Ashley Rose is an amazing addition to my life!


The Footings

Cotonwind Cotons is located in the country.  Situated in a pine forest, there is plenty of room for the Cotons to romp and play.  Our Coton de Tulear are not kept crated up but instead enjoy lots of room both indoors and out.  We are located  just over one hour northeast of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and enjoy the serenity of country living.  Our home is visited by many birds, squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, coyotes, foxes, deer, and things that go bump in the night!

Our Goals

Our goal at Cotonwind Cotons is first and foremost to provide a happy, healthy environment for our Cotons (and other animals too).  Our Cotons are our pets first and foremost and are treated as the cherished family members they are.  In undertaking a Coton de Tulear breeding program it is our sincere desire to produce healthy, physically sound Coton puppies with stable, well adapted temperaments. 

Subscribing to the belief that early socialization is of utmost importance, we raise all of our Coton puppies in our home, with our family.  They see what we see, hear what we hear, and learn about life in a gentle, safe, graduated manner.  All of our Coton puppies are placed in homes only after thorough screening to ensure that our puppies live in safe, secure, forever homes.

We do enjoy showing our Coton de Tulears.  This is not only a passion but is necessary to ensure ongoing quality and adherence to breed type.  Our ultimate goal is to produce Cotons that exemplify the breed type, enjoy excellent health, and exhibit the characteristics that make them the huggable, kissable, lovable Coton that one simply cannot live without.