Nicketts Starry Starry Night


Health Screenings:

CERF  Eyes Clear 2006, 2008
Optigen CMR2 - Normal/Clear
OFA Cardiac Screening - Normal (Cardiologist)
OVC Hips - Normal
OFA Patellas - Normal






Sparkle ...
sure sparkled as she pranced her way right to the title of Top Puppy for 2005!!!   Coming all the way from Nikketts Kennels in Sweden, Sparkle and her sister Musique were bred by Eva Lindqvist. Eva  gave them the most wonderful start in life.  Both girls came into our lives giving us their love, their cuddles and a wonderful sense of confidence that makes them happy, joyful cotons! 

We sure are lucky as both she and Musique are truly blessings in our lives.

Sparkle is very outgoing and boisterous and has quickly made friends with "the boys".  She gives them one heck of a run for their money and I'm sure she will be quite a tomboy!  Both Sparkle and Musique have made us laugh constantly since their arrival.

Thank you Eva for these two absolutely beautiful puppies and for a wonderful friendship!