OFA Hips  - Normal
OFA Elbows -  Normal
OFA Thyroid - Normal
OFA Patellas - Normal
CERF Eyes Normal 2003, 2004, 2006, 2008
OFA Cardiac Screening - Normal (Cardiologist)
Optigen CMR2 - Carrier

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Multi-Champion Kleine Liesl de Montarville, is my sidekick and my constant companion.  A very smart little girl, she had me trained to "her way" very quickly.  The picture below is of Liesl riding the ATV with me!!  Liesl owns two pairs of doggie goggles (doggles) so that her eyes don't get hurt by
   any debris while she's riding!  For Christmas 2004 Liesl got a helmet too! 



Bright, funny, loyal, Liesl is truly my heart dog!

Pictured to the left is Liesl being shown by her friend Bob.  They made a good team that day with a  Reserve Best in Show win!

Liesl has achieved her ARBA Championship, International Rarities Championship and her USACTC championship.  She has also achieved her ARBA Master Championship!  What a special girlie she is!  Thank you to Suzanne Levigne for my special girl.

Liesl and her friend Bob


At three months ....



  At four months ....


Liesl's First Christmas!